Kinship of London - Floor panels

I am not sure whether the saloon floor panel layout in ‘Kinship’ was unique to this boat, but I quickly became frustrated with having to roll back at least half of the saloon floor covering, together with one or two floor panels, every time I needed access to the cooling water sea-cocks, toilet inlet and discharge sea-cocks and the engine oil dip sticks and filler pipes.

There were other issues with “Kinship” that were of a higher priority, and once they were more or less sorted out, I eventually got round to implementing the ideas I had sketched out to modify the floor panels to make such access a lot easier and quicker. As part of the process as a whole, all the floor panels were cleaned, primed and repainted (in some cases replaced altogether) over a period of time and all had new brass ring pulls fitted.

I hope this small contribution is of interest to other owners of older boats although the examples shown here could be applied to any boat to make life easier.






Download a larger version of Steve's floor reinforcement diagram

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